We are specialists in Mass Market Research and Strategy across all LSM and social groups in South Africa, SADC, West Africa and East Africa. Our USP is that we offer clients diverse strategic solutions that are borne out of mass market insights. Our research approach is different – we go to the people – in their homes, in their cities, townships, rural and deep rural areas. Our target markets are widespread – from major metropolitan studies to national studies, we go where the research takes us.

We capture on video moments in time, creating a living record of each study. Our methods are uniquely transparent offering first-hand insights into this fascinating diverse market.


Our Services

We offer extensive Research Insights, We offer Investigative research, Omnibus research, Immersion research, Quantitative surveys.

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Ethnographic in-home research, face to face in-depth intercept interviews. Our research solution is designed from scratch with a powerful team behind.

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Syndicated Research

Township Insights is a comprehensive qualitative omnibus research study that is conducted annually by Foshizi, Mass Market & Strat.

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Our Gallery is made up of videos of Foshizi research videos and media TV interviews. We encourage the usage of video cameras in our research.

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