Glossary of kasi lingo archives vibrant township language

The Scamto Dictionary is the first-ever township lingo glossary. Lebo Motshegoa began compiling the meanings of township words after feeling frustrated and misunderstood in academic and corporate spaces.

Motshegoa, who is also the creative director of consumer Insight Agency Foshizi, says the dictionary was created in an effort to archive the township language.

When he first gave birth to the idea, Motshegoa says there was no evidence to show the existence of black popular culture.

Motshegoa explains the history of the dialect and the differences between ‘Tsotsitaal’, township talk and fanakalo.

Even when we were trying to tell our lecturers, that there is a language that black people speak and it is none of these official languages, they would mistake it for Tsotsitaal or fanakalo.

— Lebo Motshegoa, Author of Scamto Dictionary

We are talking about a language we listen to when we are playing our Kwaito music and when we are talking to our friends. Its a language that is alive, it changes, it adapts and is more vibrant.

— Lebo Motshegoa, Author of Scamto Dictionary

Initially, I was compiling it for me, because when you have write TV ads, sometimes the words don’t just come, hence the creation.

— Lebo Motshegoa, Author of Scamto Dictionary

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