Tobetsa focuses on digital landscape of black consumers. Majority of black consumers are active on different social media platforms or online communications channels. These platforms are used to share information, to develop social and professional interaction and enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

South Africa comprises of a range of different cultures with different beliefs.

As different as they are, the ceremonies and gatherings they have are similar in a way (weddings, funerals, tombstone unveilings and church ceremonies). In these ceremonies they consume the same or similar brands and client services.

Even if their cultures, traditions and religions are different, they are still customers to different clients. 

Calabash product uncovers the subcultural activities and collects every aspect of mass market customers.

South Africans as different as they are, they like to socialise and mingle with different people from different cultures. They developed ways of saving and consuming products collectively in bulk as a group through informal methods.

Stokvel – Legotla product uncovers the subcultural saving activities and other group activities existing in the mass market arena. Stokvel – Legotla also collects information on different informal burial societies, church societies, stokvel (money, grocery, birthday stokvel) an all other legotla’s that exist in this market.

51% of the South African population are females and 80% of the female population are black.

Wathintabafazi wathintimbokodo! (“You strike a woman, you strike a rock”)

Venus – Imbokodo product focuses on mass market female as:

  • A person
  • Her needs
  • Lifestyle
  • Work experience and level of education
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Brand consumption pattern
  • Formal and informal banking behaviour
  • Digital media usage and how best to communicate with this market.

Venus – Imbokodo also collects information on a role each and every female plays in their homes, households, different segments existing in this market

LSM 1-4 represent a quarter of the South African population and these are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Ama – Starter Pack product focuses on LSM 1-4 segment and collects information about:

  • Their needs
  • Lifestyle
  • Work experience
  • Level of education
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Brand consumption pattern
  • Formal and informal banking behaviour
  • Media usage and how best to communicate with this market

This market need not be ignored; it needs to be monitored as they can grow with your brand moving up the ladder if they value and trust your brand.

Consumer Trend Safari is conducted bi-annually (February and July).

Consumer Trend Safari is a deeper version of shopper along, field immersions and in-home visits.
Blue sky research: 

  • “Who is this consumer?”
  • Walk out: consumer portrait, not something that is predefined or determined or anticipated. It is open minded.
  • Theme is around the industry 
  • To uncover trends
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Be relevant

LSM bucket is open: Client may define their consumer in a different way.