We are a specialist mass market company providing Market Research & Strategy services. We are based in Joburg South Africa with presence in SADC, West Africa and East Africa.

For over 15 years we established a niche in the market as being amongst the few consumer insight companies that’s in touch and in the forefront. Our clients delight in doing business with us because we offer them “The So What” end-to-end solutions into previously uncharted territories Beyond Research to strategy and implementation.
Our ground-breaking work can be summarized by the strategic output work we have done for clients like Nando’s, MultiChoice, Tiger Brands, Builders Warehouse, Toyota, DStv Media, Flash Mobile, Virgin Active and lots more.
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Our Footprint

  • Foshizi is present in all 9 South African provinces.
  • 40 houses in the townships and suburbs to use as research venues.
  • 20 Moderators.
  • 50 surveyors.
  • 4-6 week turnaround depending on size of project.
  • We have close access to churches, stokvels, taxi ranks and chiefs in the rural areas.
  • Represented in 10 key countries in Africa  through a network of signed-on global affiliates who all belong to the Foshizi Africa Partner Network. The countries in which we are represented Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania,  Nigeria and Angola.

Why Foshizi

  • We are a leading Emerging Market specialists.
  • Proven track-record and contactable references across 20 industries.
  • Company draws from its wealth of 15 years’ experience since its existence.
  • Deep compelling understanding of the South Africa consumer and segments.
  • National, with a great network into the township and rural markets.
  • Brave, original, creative and in-touch.
  • Our highly skilled teams are on the ground and have unprecedented access into people’s lives having done research on stokvels, the Mining sector, the low-income market, taxi drivers, sangomas, loan sharks, informal traders and even the higher income black market. We are prepared to go where many dare not tread!
  • Innovative research methodologies that allow respondents to reveal the naked truth about themselves.
  • Rich video documentaries of the research as it happened to give you the front-row seat into the research.
  • Multilingual, we are the only company in SA to have produced a series of award winning township lingo dictionaries.
  • We understand that research results need to be business actionable and we pride ourselves in that we offer that "So-What?" which is ultimately often the missing link in standard research findings.


  • Thanks to Foshizi’s insight of the mass market coupled with a good understanding of the DStv business which placed the company in a good position to identify a gap that currently exist.

  • Working with Foshizi has been an awesome and easy experience, that was definitely valuable for us. There is always a great passion & energy from the team, and they go above & beyond the expected to deliver insights you can easily apply.

  • It is always a pleasure working with Foshizi. The project was run efficiently, delivered on time, with actionable recommendations.

  • Sentech notes that Foshizi was flexible and accommodating in making adjustments as required through the process. Foshizi’s quick turn-around time on deliverables and promptness instilled confidence in our relationship.

  • They are a great group to work with, the information they possess is invaluable, if you really what to know what’s happening with this market.
    Yum Restaurants International

  • The results of the research were used to formulate brand guides and decisions regarding marketing campaigns, communication, events and general strategy for the mall going forward. It was a pleasure working with Foshizi.
    Primedia Lifestyle

  • The service levels demonstrated by the Foshizi team when putting together our Multimedia were excellent

  • Their unique methodology enabled Lebo and the team to unearth valuable insights that we could apply immediately into our strategy. The presentation style kept us engaged and entertained, but gave us the opportunity to learn more about this segment in ways that we had not been able to before.
    Mr. Price

  • The NAB appreciates the manner in which Foshizi took to this assignment and the competitive and reasonable fee charged. Foshizi was great value for money, and this did not compromise the quality of the deliverables.

  • Foshizi arranged effective immersion visits to cover a range of different sections of population. Their unique methodology enabled the team to manifest valuable insights that we were able to use in our further research in this area. The professionalism displayed by the Foshizi team was commendable and we look forward to working with them in the future!

  • Foshizi has always beena great company to work with, and are deemed highly recommendable. Their material is reliable , trustworthy and exceeds every expectations.


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