We are a specialists Market Research & Strategy company that goes BEYOND RESEARCH.


Our clients delight in doing business with Foshizi because we offer them end-to-end solutions into the main market, providing them with a golden thread from the brief right through to strategy and implementation.

This ensures that insights do not get lost along the way or in translation. Implementing strategic change is one of the most important undertakings in an organization and we understand that research is the Genesis to uncovering insights that are actionable, by this we mean giving the business that "So-What?" Which is ultimately often the missing link in standard research findings.


Year of establishment :2004
Years in business :15
BBBEE Level :1
Number of moderators :20
Number of surveyors :50
F2F interviews monthly :5000
CATI interviews monthly :2000
IDI’s per month :1500
Focus groups per month :30
Valid tax clearance certificate : Yes
Valid SAMRA certificate : Yes
Conducts research across all races : Yes
Conducts national research across the provinces : Yes
Digital research capability : Yes
Conducts research in SADC : Yes
Conducts research in Nigeria and Kenya : Yes