We don’t assume we already have your answer. We don’t assume you know what all your challenges really are. But, the best way out of any deep dark forest is to ask the locals to show you the path.

That is why we talk to your target market face-to-face in their own language and in their own territory, whether it is in their homes, in their cities, businesses, townships, suburbs or deep rural areas, at Foshizi, we go where the research takes us. We are national. We are about real, hence the name Foshizi, which means REAL.
  • The biggest consumer target group in South Africa is Black. 75% of the work commissioned by clients, is about this market.
  • English is not the biggest language, and it is with this understanding, that Foshizi became the only company in the World to have written and published Scamto, a glossary dictionary of township lingo, a language widely used by SA’s core consumer target.
  • The low-mid market is dependent on the top-end for black-tax. Foshizi worked on the SADC Remittance Money and Grey Money which gave us in-depth insight into the informal economy.
  • We have a network of churches and community forums for you to tap into. Foshizi has done work with some of the biggest  churches in South Africa, among those being the ZCC.
  • 23.4% of South Africa’s adult population belong to a Stokvel, equating to over 8.5 million members. Foshizi has access and a database of Stokvels, and we are stokvels members ourselves.
  • Many brands and organisations have felt the brunt of #BlackTwitter. Foshizi embarks on a annual year-long study to understand the phenomenon of the digital black consumer.